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The school follows the CBSE model that espouses the continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) System rather than adopting the teacher - centric approach, our school focuses on individual learning abilities.

The pedagogies built on proven methods and aims at holistic development of children. Classroom learning brings with it state-of-the-art learning equipment and digital technology aids.

The CBSE (with its CCE Pattern) syllabi with flexibility of methodology and the use of experiential learning systems strongly help eliminate the need to learn by rote and develop a healthy and positive attitude towards leaning. Our system of evaluation takes into account the individualities of different children to provide adequate feedback on the students learning without putting undue pressure. As the child progresses through the classes, the assessment is gradually modified to prepare external tests and competitive exams.

The curriculum is structured in a manner that keeps a child PACE UP with the ever changing world trends, right from the junior years to the senior level.

We constantly revamp, reinvent and evaluate the classroom teaching strategy to create the most appropriate education that the child deserves. The study programmed for all learning levels is unique because it is a cross fertilization of the finest teaching methodologies.

The Pre Primary Level (Nursery and Kindergarten)

Our junior wing is a child's dreamland with colorful, attractive activity hall, interactive boards and thoughtfully conceived surroundings. Replete with activities such as reading, painting, storytelling, scribbling boards, jumble jigsaws, building blocks, finger painting, clay modeling, paper tearing, folding and pasting and a lot more. In an effort to make learning fun, easy and interesting, numerous innovative ideas are continuously explored. The outdoor playground has swings and slides and a variety of other equipments. A revolutionary theme based curriculum is followed.

Primary Level (Class I to V)
Middle Level (Class VI to VIII)
Secondary Level (Class IX and X)
Senior Secondary Level (Class XI and XII):

Commerce and Humanities are among main academic streams offered at+2 levels.